Understanding the Hotels module


Can someone please help me understand the current Hotels module. I am finding it pretty hard to understand various things present in it.


I am not aware of any “current Hotels module”. So, what are you referring to?

Only came across a new app being developed (which seems to be in an early state) as per this Topic

Please refer to this doc Hospitality

I wasn’t aware of that.

first thing that catches my attention is that once you create a new company with the Domain “Hospitality” your get a module named “Property”

also it seems the actual functionality does not match the points in the official manual whatsoever.


ERPNext Hospitality module is designed to handle workflows for Hotels and Restaurants. This is still in early development stage.

Manage Restaurants

The Restaurant module in ERPNext will help you manage a chain of restaurants. You can create Restaurants, Menus, Tables, Reservations and a manage Order Entry and Billing.

Manage Hotels

The Hotels module in ERPNext will help you manage creating Hotel Rooms, create Hotel Room Reservation. It will also help in creating Invoice from hotel room reservation

  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Reservations
  • Order Entry
  • Hotel Room

So I guess there is some mismatch here

There was one Bangalore meetup happened in which participants did a sprint with Hospitality module and created initial DocType creation and documented things in the manual, but nothing much has moved after than in the Hospitality module.

When there is enough interest in the community gets generated, it might start getting developed.

I can spend some time in taking things forward but the current structure looks little confusing to me, may be I have understood it wrong. If someone can share the flow, that would be great.


Exactly. The current hotel module is very confusing. I tried to create a working hotel app for ERPNext but I do not know how to code. That not withstanding, I have a lot of experience in hotel management. You can check it here GitHub - franknyarkoh/bookings: Hotel Management App for Erpnext
We can work together and make this dream a reality

I can help with the accounting side.


1.We need bookings in different sachems and should view in calendar.
2. Advance payment for rooms- available in ERP next
3. Check in and check out
4. KOT and BOT generation- to deliver to room and restaurants in the hotel
5. kitchen wastage, bom , stock - already in the ERP NEXT
6. House keeping
7. Spa, pool and other services ordering
8. take all KOT, BOT other service orders to one sales invoice to check out
9. take the balance payment
10. Reporting

I know some points are already in the ERP next. We need to develop some points.
Any one interested, I can consult to make it, because i am not a programmer.

I have dept in knowledge for hotel and finance.

Maybe you should start from here

He has done some work that I have reviewed, I have giving him some pointers, but he seems to be preoccupied.

If you are a programmer you can start from here.

I have reveiwed this app

few things need to intergrate with current core hospitality module

  1. No reservation system here. So we need to integrate core reservation function with this. But in reservation there is no table to select rooms , So we need to link this app rooms with that reservation form.
  2. No check out date and time when we do check in, need to develop with the conditions. if the checkout date <= current date then no reservation for that room.
  3. add customer to check in and check out and add multiple guests to one check in- this will enable group check in.
  4. There is no function for room pricing. core has some room package section, need to link that.
  5. We can link existing restaurant menu and table management from core.
  6. We can link menu items as BOM item and create production order (here we can say KOT- kitchen order ticket). when they finish the food making process, kitchen can finish the KOT and can be delivered to respected customer. this will enable the food costing part automatically.
  7. When we do check out- all orders with same item need to add to one line.
  8. Call restaurant reservation to sales invoice like sales order.
  9. House keeping management- when a room check out it’s ready for house keeping before next check in. So we can link current quality module for this. just need few tweaks.
  10. Option to pay any order at the delivery point or in check out.
  11. Few reports like room occupancy, food cost, reservation monitoring etc…

This will enable more robust solution for hospitality sector.

If any one like to start develop will be great and I can help.
( I do not have much money to spend on this)

Good analysis, why not create an issue on the app Github?

We could work with the programmer to make it happen

Done in github.


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Well, it seems that the hotel module is stranded or something. Am I right? I was browsing around and my recent installations had removed the related doctypes and the setup wizard no longers offer a hotel domain. So I am looking into start developing this module and functionality, so I am willing to hear from any idea you might have about where to start or even who wants to help.
ERPNext is very powerful tool and framework, and I want to see it growing further, I will be joining some colleages in this project so… let’s do this.

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