Understanding Valuation Rate

HI, Can anyone help me understand how Item’s valuation rate is calculated? Some existing posts suggest that is it calculated based on the Item rate in Purchase Receipt.

However in my case, the valuation rate is slightly more than the item rate in Purchase Receipt.


In Purchase Receipt I have -
Item rate = 2599.92
Item UOM = Case
Item UOM Conversion Factor = 18
Stock UOM = BOX

So i expected the valuation rate to be = 2599.92/18 = 144.44

However In Stock ledger I get the valuation rate = 172

Anything i am missing? In this case my STOCK UOM is a box but my purchase receipt uom is CASE. One CASE contain 18 BOXes

PS: I just obseved that this happens only for items where there is UOM conversion applied. If the STOCK UOM = PUCHASE UOM then the valuation rate remain same as the purchase RATE

The same case I would like to understand. Any suggestions please?

I think Sachin would have managed to figure this out by now. So, please wait for a more educated answer.

Do you still have the same trouble? Can you describe your situation in more detail @Shri_J_K?



Sure @JayRam and thanks for your reply.
Incoming rate should get fetched while transferring and consuming the material via stock entry. In our case, rates are appearing correctly sometimes. We have all the stock with batches. The movement we select the item in stock entry, some times rate is coming correctly but sometimes not. Sometime getting difference in the rupees and paisa. This is specifically happening in the case of material we purchased in different UOM (UOM Conversion).