Undue VAT Supported? (vat suspended on invoice to pay on payment)

Dear community,

I wonder if ERPNext support Undue VAT (may be called differently in different country). Undue VAT is normally for Service only.

In SO or Invoice, user choose undue VAT. Upon account move, it post to Undue VAT account. Then on Payment, it will be cleared from Undue VAT account to normal VAT.


I don’t think this is supported yet.

A work around is “Proforma Invoice” (a print format of Quotation or Sales Order) and book the invoice on payment.

Dear community,

Time passed, and it seem ERPNext has evolved a lot in accounting module. But as I checked so far, I still not find the aboved mentioned feature, is it not?

That requirement is part of the localisation we need in our country, or any suggestion how I could start (i…e, similar feature that can be a good starting point).

Many thanks!

It’s an interesting idea. It think it will be tough for ERPNext to offer this out of the box, since implementation is probably going to be closely tied to very specific regulatory requirements.

It would be pretty easy to implement as a customization, however. If I were in your shoes, I’d probably set up a server script that generates a journal entry when Payment Entries are submitted. This journal entry would transfer funds from an uncollected VAT account to a collected VAT account.

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