Uneven Stock Management in Cartons

One of my client is buying and selling Packaging reels. He purchases and sells reels in Kg (rate is charged against Kg). But he keeps reels stock in cartons (means he receive and transfer reels in carton). Each carton has different weight (uneven weight). How can I provide him solution to manage his stock record in cartons?

How uneven is the weight/carton? If it’s not much, it’s better to assume the average weight per carton. Do NOT complicate it if you can get away with using average weight.

If you want precise weight and cost tracking then batches are the way to go. Each carton can be considered as batch and with some customization the cost allocation can happen correctly on transactions. Roughly what you want is:

  • Track stock in KGs.
  • You buy in KGs and create batches for each carton. Batch will track information about the weight it has, so you don’t need to customize anything here.
  • When selling you sell by carton or “batch” and write some small customization to consume entire batch by setting whatever is weight in that batch as the conversion factor.
  • Example:
    • I buy 3 cartons of of 4, 5 and 6KG. They are now batch A, B and C. I have total 15KG of material.
    • I sell batch A, so I select 1 carton with custom conversion factor of 4 (this should be automatically fetched from batch)
    • I sell batch B, here conversion factor will be 5.
  • This assumes that you don’t sell/transfer partial cartons EVER.
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Dear @ankush
Thanks for your quick reply.

Uneven in the form of weight. The client buys reels in KG but receive in the form of carton. Suppose he buys 5 cartons:
A=27.3 KG , B=22.1 KG , C=21.2 KG , D=19 KG , E =14.5 KG (Total 104.1 KG). (There is no choice to assume average weight).

(He wants to keep record of reels in carton (as well in KG) for ease of stock counting that how many cartons are there in his warehouse. Each carton has weight labled/mentioned upon carton as discussed above)

You are right to track record in KG (as he buys and sells in KG, but he also want to track record of total balance cartons after selling and buying). In majority he sells reels (in KG) in whole catorn to his customers but someimes he also sells half carton (partial carton in KG).

You are also right, we can manage each carton as Batch in software, but the major issue is this we can create/select 1 carton in 1 row as batch. In the above scenario the total weight is 104.1 KG for A,B,C,D,E cartons. (means we have to select reel item 5 times, -the client buys 100+ cartons at the same time).

Is there not any option to manage cartons as we manage serial no. against an item under a single row?

I also have applied conversion factor but it could not supported as it manages even/standard quantity only.

any solution for this? All users are invited to share their experience.

Hi @ankush

can this even be a standard solution for these kinds of use cases?

Where the items may have standard packaging but not standard weights.

Also, a solution can be thought of where you sell the partial quantity from one standard package. How? I think of repacking stock entries?

The simplified solution is this, we can record cartons as batch with weight labled at this and the same weight could be entered in quantity tab to multiple with rate. But the complexity is this, we have to select same item multiple time against each batch (carton). Moreover we might not get reporting against all UoM under single umbrella.

The suggested solution is this Frappe Team should work upon this use case like sub-batches (with quantity, weight,volume specs etc). In this way we can enter all the information in a single line like serial no. use case.