Unexpected behavior with User/Role Management

Dear all, I could be missing something but…

I’m trying to completely disable a the School module (since it not in use and it causes some anxiety among users).

I have:

  1. Removed ‘School Settings’ doctype permissions from ‘System Manager’ role and
  2. Created a new Role ‘Academic Manager’ and assigned all permissions for ‘School Settings’ doctype
  3. Removed HR User permissions from ‘Course’ doctype
  4. Disabled all Roles associated with School module

Expected Behavior
The school module should not to be visible for any user

Current Behavior
School module is still visible with two doctypes, Course and School Settings.

The above also applies for manufacturing module, having disabled Manufacturing Manager and Manufacturing User and also removed permissions for shared doctypes.

Am I missing something (and how can I achieve hiding the modules) or is this a bug?

I’ve got ERPNext: v8.0.26 (master) and Frappe Framework: v8.0.43 (master)

this will be fixed by https://github.com/frappe/frappe/pull/3227

Aah great. Thanks.