Unicenta + ERPNext

Good Day

I am new to ERPNext, but love the looks and feel. I want to ask if there would be anyone who could build something to “integrate” unicenta into ERPNext?

I like the workings of unicenta as a Till, but would like to use ERPNext as a kind of backend to capture all Sales… from all the unicenta pos stations.

Is this possible?

Hi @Albertus! You may want to post job posting here.

Free API is not available for unicenta

did you want to say “Free API is not available for unicenta … and therefore integration is not possible”?

There’s paid API available as a service, it’s mentioned on their forum.

If such service is subscribed and Dev sandbox is provided, some integration can be built.

Also, rather than funding integration of Unicenta and ERPNext, is there something that is missing in ERPNext POS that could be funded and developed instead?

I haven’t used Unicenta, so I can’t really comment on the differences. Do you have thoughts on this?


ERPNext pos is very slow , it really not ideal for a busy retail shop