Uninstall Module within ERPNext

I think the logic is that ERPNext is 1 single Frappe App. Now I wonder whether it still is possible to uninstall one “Module” (not sure whether this is a good term) from within ERPNext.

Let’s say I want to use Accounting but would prefer not to bother with creation and maintenance of items as per “Selling” Module …

You can’t uninstall individual ERPNext Modules, only hide them.
(Unless I’m mistaken…)

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@cpurbaugh thanks, 2 questions:

  1. can you explain to hide a module practically?
  2. is a hidden Module still active in the background? (i.e: will it require an “item” with all it’s implications) when issue a Sales Invoice

From the frappe-bench folder:

remove-from-installed-apps the-name-of-app-to-remove

This and all other bench commands are available by typing

bench --help

From the same folder.

Sorry just re read question.
I would wait a short time to hide/show desk modules as the core team are currently re writing this feature. New code will allow for far greater desk modifcation/personalisation.

I am not talking about removing things from the Desk (which I believe is just what a user sees) but removing parts of ERPNext functionally

I wouldn;t be surpreised whether that’s not possible though, due to the fact that frappe sees ERPNext as one single App

A hidden module and its contents will only take up CPU cycles if a user accesses a doctype within that module or via a scheduled task. The module will only take up RAM if the hidden Module contains data which has been entered into any of its enclosed Doctypes.
If you want to strip out modules maybe the best way would to install frappe then install each ERPNext module as an app?
I would just hide visibility as its simple and works.

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@System19 ok, so in other words … you can not remove single ‘Modules’ from the ERPNext App.
my question was aiming at the possibility to use ERPNext on less complex scenarios where someone (maybe at the start) would like not to be forced to use it in all consequence.

My example for this was to use it as a Accounting application where you maybe just wouldn’t want to set up ‘items’ or a ‘warehouse’ for those items correctly just to add some lines to a Sales invoice.

Another use case for such a ‘lean deployment’ would be for someone who wants to track incoming and outgoing raw materials without bothering to setup an accounting system

I take it as a result from this topic that apparently such a ‘lean deployment’ is not possible by Design

Ideally we would love to make features more hide-able, but erpnext is one app, so there is no way to break it up.

Hi, I’m new to Frappe and ERPNext. I want to know if it is possible to do what has been asked in the question at this point of time as this point is almost 2 years old.

“I want to know if it is possible to do what has been asked in the question at this point of time as this point is almost 2 years old.”

From my understanding and perspective -

For practical reasons this is not a recognized design goal.

Nonetheless given this is open source, to may make this modular might make sense depending on the circumstances.