How to remove left side module from erpnext application?

i have already disabled module from SET DESKTOP ICONS. But still its showing in left section.

Please tell me how to remove Support, school, Learn , Maintenance, projects and all from left section.

In Setup try also ‘Show or Hide Desktop Icons’

To see your expected changes you might run ‘Reload’ - that menu item you’ll find below your login name, next to Help

Other things to try are ‘bench clear-cache’

Here all modules whatever i have hidden from admin , its not showing but in the left side it is showing.

You can hide your desktop icons, but the left side menus are depending on your installed modules

Hope it helps.

Any update?

Excuse my earlier confusion @Aarti_Khajuria

This notes that a module can only be hidden and not physically uninstalled removed or unloaded.

Maybe that is why a module can or cannot be hidden on the left side as you would prefer!?