Uninstall Repository Without Reinstalling ERPNext

Hello all,

I was wondering if there was a way of deleting a repository without reinstalling ERPNext.

For example, if I have a repository that is producing an error and won’t allow the bench to start, can I somehow delete the entire repository and undo any changes the repository made and allow the bench to run again?
I have tried using “rm -rf [repository]”, but that hasn’t worked.


By repository you mean the whole frappe-bench directory or a site or and an app directory?

If frappe-bench directory you can use the rm -rf frappe-bench.
If it is for one site use bench drop-site sitename
If just to delete an app use bench remove-app appname

I want to delete an app that was installed using a github repository which produced an error when installing. This app is preventing my bench from installing and produces this error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘analytics’

I tried using “bench remove-app appname”, but my bench still wouldn’t run.

Have the bench (not the app) finish installed?

How did you install the app if the bench is not running?

What are the error message?

I have the bench installed. The bench simply stops running when I try to start the bench and it says “No Module Named “Analytics””.

I am trying to remove an app that didn’t install correctly and is preventing my bench from running.

Refer to this Link.

bench uninstall-app [app name]
bench clear-cache
bench remove-app [app name]
bench restart