Unique Also Considers Cancelled Documents

Hi im new to erpnext

im testing the customization on erpnext
i noticed that when using/selecting Unique on Custom Field and Custom Form
it includes/considers Cancelled Documents,

Is Amending with Unique values not possible?

@claily welcome to the forum.

Since this is a database level constraint, it will consider all documents.

Maybe it should be done programmatically.

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I was able to do this by adding a script at journal_entry.py

def validate_cheque_duplicate(self):
    if self.cheque_no:
       duplicate = frappe.db.sql("""select cheque_no from `tabJournal Entry` where cheque_no = %s """, (self_cheque_no))
       if duplicate:
           frappe.throw(_("Cheque No {0} already used").format(self.cheque_no, duplicate[0][0]))

And Adding in def validate(self):

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