Unique custome field creation

i want to create a custom field in sales order and purchase receipt,the custome fields must be unique it cant be repeated on other sales orders and purchase receipts,when i make the custome field unique the system is not allowing.any one who can help me

@fikerjayz, can you elaborate?

I really can’t understand what do you mean by “Customer fields must be unique”, I’m thinking how you will issue another Sales Order to the customer? You never do 2 sales to the same person? (It’s a bit unusual)

thanks for your replay BUT WHAT i mean is that there is a unique no which cant be repeated ,the no is given by the government so how can i create this unique no or field?


hi @fikerjayz,

You can use the Unique option from a custom field. Once you set the value to this field it will not be repeated.

Thanks, Makarand