Unit of measure conversion in sales order

i have an item with a unit of measure (UOM) of “bag,” and the UOM conversion is such that 1 bag is equal to 10 pairs. When creating a sales order, sometimes one order contains 10 pairs in one bag, while another order contains just 1 bag but with 25 pairs or some times pair is variable. How can we manage this situation?

I would create two UOMs in this case, with two conversions: a ‘10-Pair Bag’ and a ‘25-Pair Bag’. Then at sale, you would select the appropriate UOM.

This assumes of course you have a finite number of bag sizes…


As said by DCRob, Create 2 UOMs like 10 pair and 25 pair.

Maintain this conversion rate under the unit of measure under inventory tab in item master.

I hope this solves your problems.

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Thank you for your reply, I will try it once.