Unit of Measure - Deterministic against nondeterministic relationship

I see the UOM conversion is now available on the Sales transactions too on the develop branch.

When will this be rolled out on master? Only with ver 8 or before?

There are two types relationships between two UOMs - Deterministic and Non-Deterministic.

Deterministic are standard Kg to Grams, Meter to Yards, SqCM to SqFT, etc.

For these, the user should not have the ability to set the conversion factor at all. It should be done by the system admin or somebody officious.

Then, there are non-deterministic nature of the relationship between two UOMs - Like Meter to Kgs. This is especially important in verticals that have process or manufacturing variabilities: Like Castings, or Textiles, or Films.

So, in the non-Deterministic case, the user should have the ability to set the conversion rate, or just enter both UOMs. Does the current implementation support this? Or will it take the entire current stock of the item and convert it into the new UOM conversion represented by the last transaction?

Too busy to play around and check it out for myself. Hence the question.



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It will come in v8

Seems like a valid point. Maybe a feature request?[quote=“JayRam, post:1, topic:21459”]
Too busy to play around

Me too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - I am cowardly not answering


And when will Ver 8 align with Master?