Unit of Measure - Improvement Discussion

So, I thought it would be good to have a discussion on ways to improve the way UOMs are handled in ERPNext. I’d like for us, the community, to try to handle this and issue a pull request. I think I can do most of the work myself, but I need input from everyone so that I’m not wasting effort.

So, here are my ideas for improvement:

  1. Remove Default UoM field and purchase UoM table.

  2. Make a new UoM table, with following fields:

  • UoM - Link to UoM
  • Conversion factor against Default - Float - Same as present.
  • Default - Checkbox
  • Allow fractional quantities

In all forms, allow a UoM Link that is filtered by the item, to only allow UoMs listed in the item master.

I look forward to hearing everyone’s ideas!

@cpurbaugh, not too simple!

Don’t forget that for some situations, different UoM’s means differents products, and different prices!

Let me give to a sample:

  • I buy and sell nails and screws in barrels!
  • Each barrell have 350Kg
  • I can sell nails and screws by bags!
  • Each bag have 1Kg

The sell price of the barrel of nail is 175 USD (350Kg / $ 175 = $0.5/Kg
The sell price of the bag of nail is 2 USD (1 Kg / $ 2 = $2/Kg)

While I’m invoicing, if the product is sell by barells it have one code like “NS-00000-12”
If it is sell by bags it have another code like “NS-00132-12”

Is the same product, but in different packages, each package have his UoM, and have his price!

So, if you want consider the conversion factor, between weight, maybe you should consider by price too!

There could be a UoM field in the Item price of the item, and the rate could calculate by the item price that correlates with that UoM. If there is no price for a particular UoM, the item price could be added like it is now.