UNIT of measure

I am new here and this is my first question.
I am selling 1 mastercase that has 12 cartons and each carton has 10 boxes in it.
I created Unit master case and than 12 for the cartons and then 10 for the boxes.
I am trying to creates sales order but unable to choose carton, it is showing always master case.
am I able to sell either by mastercase or by carton or by box.?
I tried convertion rate but the master case still showing on the sales order the only change was the price nothing else.
What is my best solution? Any recommendation?

I am not an expert but I think I saw this question answered previously.

I think the trick is to build your units from the “bottom” (smallest) up. In your description you seemed to have started with the largest (Master) and worked down. Try it it reverse and I think it will work for you. Best wishes.

I believe this is related to the “Default Sales UOM”

When you create a sales order or sales invoice, there is no selection for the UOM for the Item you select. There is only the ability to enter a “Qty” which will use the default UOM defined in the Item master.

If you want to be able to ‘sell’ the same product in multiple UOM (case, box, each) you would have to create different Item codes for each of them. Otherwise you would create only the smallest sales UOM and do enter the number of units in a case or box on the sales order/invoice that make up a case or box.

The only other option might be to try to use variants, but that would seem pretty messy.


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At item window :
1-create an item with Default Unit of Measure = Box
2-add conversions under Units of Measure conversions section as below

At sales order window :
at sales order item details you can select any sales UOM but stock UOM is not editable, system will show conversion factor and qty as per stock UOM.

Hope it helps

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that worked but when I print invoice it shows the following

amount is correct but the Quantity should Sown so we can easily identify which is box box and which cartoon and which Master Case

You need custom print format for this case

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I wonder how this relates to the “UOM Conversion Factor”. In this example this totally makes sense as there could be other conversion factors with other items (where you may have 12 Boxes within 1 Carton, etc.).

In other words … would it be possible to make a conversion of 1100 Grams against 1 Kilogram on this even though Conversion Facto Rate (as in /desk#List/UOM Conversion Factor/List) has 1000 g = 1 KG?