Unit of width in docfield

What is the unit of print width and width of the docfield?

@ninjas005 I belive that by default it is “px”

So no need to specify 50px?
50 is enough?

@ninjas005, let me check to be sure!

Edit: Checked: how you can see there frappe/workflow_transition.json at 65670936e25f79aeccb02452974c7d8a60631304 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

I’ve tried. No change in the view

@ninjas005, screenshots?




I need these input fields (date,customer & status) to have 150px width.
I tried 150 and 150px in the width property.
But no change. Its showing the default width

@ninjas005 I’m not sure, but I believe that the unique that works is the print_width field.

okie, can i give style or other properties like placeholder to that input field?

@ninjas005 it’s not in the box!

Do you need customize the control to enable it!

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