Unknown column 'device' in 'field list

Hi All,
First post on the forum so please go easy if any mistake.

I was trying to install erpnext on the new server and after restoring data from another server it was not working.
As soon as I restore the data and migrate, after login site was stuck at verifying. There were error in the response as 'Unknown column ‘device’ in ‘field list’.

It turned out that latest erpnext has a new field in the session as ‘device’, after restoring the data from a previous version, somehow either a column was dropped from tabSession.

I have added a varchar(200) field as ‘device’ in the tabSession and site seems to be working again.

I hope this will help somebody. Please let me know if I am missing anything here.

Your DB schemas are out of sync. If you run
bench update --reset
the system will (theoretically) patch the schemas to match the correct version

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Thank you @trentmu, I will give it a go in the sandbox today.

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