Unpack item into original items


I need the following issue fixed or developed. As we move serialised items between warehouses we repack them into various shipment unit sizes (cartons, pallets) which are also serialised. The issue we currently have is that if we do this then we can’t unpack them into their original serial numbers. The system should be holding the information to allow what I need below. It just needs to be coded to pull that information out and provide it at the right place.

The ability to unpack an item into its original items.
Currently when unpacking an item you don’t know the original serials, but as the system could look this up then we’d need it to do so. If a packed item was made of serialised items then it should auto unpack to the original serialised items. Maybe a select option or some-such.

I think that for this to work both the original items and the packed item would need to be serialised.