Unrecognized line in web.log

In web.log (location in frappe-bench/logs/) I see many of this line:

Site www.rasyid.me does not exist

and some other similar lines saying the site doesn’t exist, including my IP address.
I never put the url in my browser or ERPNext, or terminal, etc.
I don’t even know who rasyid is… :slight_smile:

What is this?
Why is it in my web.log?


May be your server victims of brute force attack.

root@vmi417656:/home/frappe/bench/logs# tail -f web.log
Site hdmoviesada.xyz does not exist
Site hdmoviesada.xyz does not exist
Site www.hdmoviesada.xyz does not exist Preformatted text

Change your root user password and port 22