Unresolved Imports

I have attempted to resolve to no avail… all searched info has to the following steps, without success.

nmp install vue does not help
no form of update --force helps
nor migrate or --requirements
bench update --reset did not help
deletion of backups and git repos does not help

only see this following
bench build
bench update (which assuming has build within)

do not see the unresolved during
bench start
bench setup requirements

What does that mean?

What should i be looking for… or looking at to aid in resolving this?


May we know the version of Frapep/ERPNext , the host OS and if this is happening on first use or to an installation that was working?

Try: sudo npm install -g npm

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^result of the following
sudo npm install -g npm
npm install vue
bench build

That did allow vue to install without error, can you share why for my understanding

And… did reduce the missing global name count.

current setup:
$ bench version
chat 0.0.1
erpnext 13.36.1
frappe 13.36.2
twilio_integration 0.0.1

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-122-generic x86_64)

dns_multitenant, with certbot ssL
is produciton, though I am the only one entering anything at this time
all on windows server2022.HyperV
only using ssh cli

Everything did seem and does seem to be working…
first noticed after running bench update… then went to some earlier backups, before any updates, or any apps added… and the unresolved imports were there as well.
I had not been in the practice of using bench build or update… so I could not say if it existed prior or just occurred after running first update / build command?
Prior to my first update… only had use for bench start, restart, setup requirements (if i am using them correctly)
Have endeavored to address the issue as my concern is leaving a lingering issue that will grow and create others…

Thank you for your reply!

Are npm and node js up to date?

npm -v
node -v

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npm -v

node -v

bench build and bench setup --requirements should help to resolve the messages. The versions are ok.

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the missing global name went back to the longer list… is that something to be concerned about?

And there is the pip pyngrok error… a concern?

The unresolved imports showed on bench build, but not setup requirements.

I have noticed that in my trial and error… and the unresolved imports return with an update or build.

Some have recommended to use build after a new app… and i notice it there as well.

There are so many different recommendations on start, restart, build, --requirements, migrate… that i am a little unsure of their application… and the available docs dont seem to be very definitive.

Several min later… logged out of desk… noticited chat was missing.
bench setup requirements
bench start
bench restart

still missing
bench --site … uninstall-app chat
./apps rm -rf chat
bench get-app https://…
bench --site … install-app chat

has happened just about everytime i run build or update

chat reappears, but i go ahead and migrate or
bench start
bench restart
and sometimes supervisorctl resatart all

Thank you again for your help!