Unsubscribe Link and track views in email notification

I am using the latest version of ERPNext, v13.2.1.
I am trying to understand the email notification features.
In the HTML Source, I noticed this piece of code:

<div class=3D"email-pixel">
	<!--email open check-->

But when I view source of the email on the recipient side, the unsubscribe link is not there, nor is the email pixel. In the ERPNext app, I also could not find the configuration of the features.
This is the use case:
I am creating a Todo item assigned to a user.
I created a notification on save that send email to the user.

So far, it works great.
My question is:
(1) Is there a way for the user to unsubscribe from notifications?
(2) Is it possible to track opens/reads by emails from the user?


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Having a similar issue here. The unsubscribe text appears, but no link to action. The promotional link to ERPNext webpages does work though.

I am having same issue. The unsubscribe link appears with link as <!--unsubscribe url-->