Unsupported fixer-io currency


Still new to erp systems, so I might have to dig up some more.

After encountering an error message : Exchange Rate is mandatory. Maybe Currency Exchange record is not created for XPF to ALL,
I have realised that my currency (XPF, which is indexed on the EUR) wasn’t supported on http://ecb.europa.eu or in json file (according to GitHub - hakanensari/frankfurter: 💱 Currency data API), while evaluating the POS system.

Is there a possibility of integration that could be done for that conversion ?
I’d like to implement an elegant solution so I’m posting here for advices

Thanks in advance,

@fng you can create a Currency Exchange record


I’ll update my progress once I understand the code linked to erpnext/setup/doctype/currency_exchange/test_records.json
which I guess my error is related to.

thanks @rmehta,