UOM changed for all items from Kg to Lt suddenly


Need urgent help!

For some reason the UOM changed for all items (Raw Materials) from Kg to Litre although there are more than 400 production plan entries and Work Order made in the system already. How is it possible even accidentally?

I also noticed the the UOM (Kg) was also deleted from the UOM list surprisingly.
I couldn’t find what could have gone wrong in any of the log. The user who used the system last mentioned he was trying to submit a Purchase order with a item that has UOM variants and didn’t what he could have wrong to have this impact on the system URL. I found all the UOMs for all the Raw Materials changed to Litre and when I tried to change it back to Kg it prompted that there are submitted items already in there and the UOM can’t be changed. But then how was it changed to Litre with 100s of already submitted items in KG? The UOM is also changed everywhere including BOMs.

Any urgent help is very much appreciated.

Not sure it will help but if only the UDM was changed (not the value/qty) you can update it with UPDATE SQL Query (if you have access to a SQL query manager).
It’s obviously not a recommended method but if you know what your doing it will be a answer.

But take a look on Delete Document list, you can check why Kg have been removed (at least who and when)

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I am not sure of all the places the UOM was changed in. I have checked they are changed in BOM, Item List etc. but not sure if that’s all. So writing a query without knowing the full scope of the impact could be catastrophic.

Secondly, I don’t see the UOM delete entry in the “Delete Document List”, not sure why. I am still surprised even if it gets deleted by whatever reason, how the UOM is changed to “Liter” on all items. It’s still a mystery.

Open any item master where this change has occurred and scroll down to the Activity/Change Log.

Check this if it shows any changes to the UOM

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