UoM conversation table - where to edit

I opened in SETUP the UNIT OF MEASURE. Here I want to delete some UoM’s which I surely do not need. But it refuses with the message : Cannot delete or cancel because UOM Tesla is linked with UOM Conversion Factor MAT-UOM-CNV-00231

Where can I delete this Conversation Factor?

This is usually a link which will take you the linked document.

On the other hand, if you open any document (in your case the UoM), and Menu > links will list all the links to that particular document. You can delete the links if you are sure those are irrelevant before deleting the document.

Hope this helps, thanks

There’s a separate list of Uom Conversion Factor in the system where you can go and delete these. Just type the phrase in the awesome bar (Ctrl + G):

Thanks! Answer 2 works.