UOM conversion from kg to number

Hi all,

I am facing a little confusion regarding conversions of my product quantity from kg to Nos Like (from 1 kg I can extract 10 pieces). Let me elaborate my problem.

Let’s suppose I have cycle manufacturing firm I got an order to manufacture “one cycle” for that I need different sub-assemblies like handle , tyres, seat, pipes etc.

for production I start with a handle that is made of plastic which is available in kg in my stock. like to produce 12 handles I need 3 kg of plastic that is available in my warehouse but still it showing insufficient stock.
PFA screenshot for more clarification.
As on UOM conversion is not performing . Please guide me where I am going wrong and how it start working. Please reply as early as possible.



Thanks for elaborating your query.

UoM conversion does work in the manufacturing process. In the transfer and manufacture entry made against Production Order, item’s movement will happen in it’s default UoM only.

Validation message suggest that you have made BOM for 1 no. of handle, and entered plastic qty required as 3 kg. That’s the reason it is asking for 36 kg of plastic for manufacturing 12 handles. Please check if this is correct.

If you are making BOM for manufacturing one unit of Handle, then Qty for the raw-material plastic should be (3/12) 0.25 Kg.

Please ensure that item qty for FG and raw-material item is set correctly in the BOM. And then try creating Production Order for the Item.