UOM Conversion in BOM

UOM conversion is not working in creation of BOM. For example, i have a raw material quantity .03 gram. Default raw material item UOM is in KG. When i try to insert the quantity in gram inside BOM, it does not convert. What can be the solution?

Did you select UoM as Gram? Also, did you enter conversion factor between KG and gram?

How about enter in KG only, like 0.030 for 30 grams?

I am currently following this rule. But problem i am facing is when i have quantity .003 gram, which is very little. System cannot convert the amount accordingly.

If you increase your float/currency precision, the system can handle very small amounts.
This is done under /desk#Form/System Settings/DATE AND NUMBER FORMAT.
My system is set to 5 digits and works with microscopic values without any problems

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