UOM Conversion - where's my mistake?

We buy Coil of wires and sell in RFT while each coil is of 295.276 RFT. How could we manage this and anybody identify mistake in the following setting?

Seems oky, what kind of problem you are facing ?

Stock, as stock should be in RFT then? Am I right?

running foot is used in woodworking and is the same as a linear foot or standard foot. All three terms refer to a one-dimensional measure of length or distance. Running feet are sometimes abbreviated to RFT.

Yes, correct but after conversion stock should be in RFT and it isn’t.

your stock will be in coil

Please refer below link, this might helps you


Your default UoM of an item should be RFT to see Stock Ledger in that unit. Manage rest of conversions (COIL etc…) required for Sale and Purchase against RFT.