UOM Conversions In Sales Order


We want to implement UOM Conversions Facility in Sales Order, which is allready present in Purchase Order
What is the steps we need to follow? Can I send Pull request for this?


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Hello Sambhaji,

That’s great! Please send pull request. We shall review it and then revert. Also provide brief documentation around it, so that we can understand it better.

I have created pull request for UOM conversion.

Balance Stock updated successful as per stock_qty and accounting done as per selling quantity (qty).

I have some difficulty in updating projected quantity.

Can you please review code.



Can you please explain this function?
I don’t understand from where ‘reserved_qty’ comes.
What changes I will have to do to fetch correct reserved_qty from selling_controller.py

Hi Team,
I have successfully completed test cases for pull request #2545
Can you please review the code and merge pull request in version 4.
Kindly give me steps to send pull request for version 5.
Can I merge this branch with version 5 locally and send pull request, or need to develop same feature in version 5?

Sambhaji Kolate

Continuing discussion in pull-request.