UOM from RFQ to Supplier quotation


In my process, RFQ for raw material raw1 (when generated from material request) will go in Units, but when i create supplier quotation from RFQ, get items from “Material Request”, the items for raw1 comes in Units (which is expected)

The problem is, when i change the UOM for raw in details for each item from quotation, the count doesnt get updated.

Scenario: my suppliers send me quotation for raw material in Rs/kg but when i request for quotation, i send my requests in Units.

for my case for raw1, 1k5 = 150 UNITS

Installed Apps ERPNext: v7.0.33
Frappe Framework: v7.0.29

Have you updated the UOM conversion factors? Here is the help link

Hi @Pawan

Thanks for your reply

Yes i had added the same.

@nabinhait, any inputs?

@nabinhait would really appriciate some pointers on this…

@Pawan were you also able to repro the issue?

Could you share screen shot of your Item UOM configuration and page where you are trying to change the UOM?

Hi @ridua,

We have identified the issue, currently we are working on it and we’ll release it soon

Thanks, Rohit

Thanks guys!!!

@rohit_w fixed this in develop branch via [Issue] Fixed, supplier quotation item uom conversion by rohitwaghchaure · Pull Request #6295 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Could you tell me in which ERPNext version is fixed this issue, please?