UOM in Item tables

The UOM is present in some item child tables, and some places it is missing. Can we make it consistent so that if items and quantities are listed in a table, the UOM will also be displayed?
For eg - Item child table in BOM doesn’t have UOM.

We can provide a list of tables we have found so far, if that will help speed up the process. Thanks.

Please list the name of the tables, UOM should always be there with Qty field.

@nabinhait I just now checked in demo site - It’s available everywhere except in BOM.
In BOM, the following placs need UOM -

  1. Materials Table
  2. Materials Required (Exploded) Table
  3. The Quantity of BOM Material -

Please raise an issue in github

@kirthi please check this https://demo.erpnext.com/desk#Form/BOM/BOM%2FMango%20Smoothie%2F001

In BOM UOM is present in both table, but its not showing in table view.

I have checked code and tried adding stock_uom in list view, but it will add new column instead of just adding uom along with quantity.

Can you give some hint on it?

I would like to send pull request on this issue.

@kirthi @nabinhait

I found solution, we need to add following code in bom.py file

form_grid_templates = {
    "items": "templates/form_grid/item_grid.html"

I have send pull request, let me know if there is any other solution present

Thanks a lot @kolate_sambhaji I can see UOM in BOM table.

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This seems to no longer work. My BOM does not show UoM in the Material Required table

Have same issue. I verified the code already exist. Using VM latest version on windows.