UOM in Pricelist

Currently Pricelist is for Nos only.
But that doesn’t fit for all. In Pricelist we should be able to put for which UOM price is.

We are importing 1 case for 98.5 GBP.
In one case there are 126pcs, and we have to sell and manage in Nos only.
There is no way you can put exact price of nos in pricelist. 98.5/126=0.7817460317
If you put 0.7817 in pricelist, Total will not match as we are importing more than 150 cases.

And thus pricelist is useless in above scenario.

Issue Creted:

Though Price List is not directly linked, you could try this.

  1. Create new Price List for nos.
  2. Enter rate as .78
  3. In the transaction, pull item’s rate from this price list.
  4. Change UoM of an item from Box to Nos.
  5. Enter conversion factor.

Hello Umair,
As always, you always reply within couple of minutes. Thanks…:smiley:

So. Yes I tried the way you told, but as I was expecting, it is giving false rate for Case, it should be 98.5 but comes 98.28.

Please see attached snapshot.

Thanks for more details. Please enter rate value upto three decimal places to get more accurate rounded amount.

HI Again,

Standard currenct Precision for AED was set to 2, but tried changing to 3 & 4 (it should be 2 only, otherwise all reports will show awkard, but changed to check if it works)
Precision 3 - 0.782 - 98.532
Precision 4 - 0.7817 - 98.4912

As you can see, there will be always difference, and just adding 40 items will make big difference.

What do you think?

Multiple issues on same subject already raised.

Will be waiting for them to get solve.

Any Update on this ?