UOM of location in Agriculture module


In the Agriculture Module, Land has been changed to Location now. In the Location doctype, when I select certain area and save it is calculating the Area but unsure of what UOM is it calculating, sq. feet, sq. yard, or sq. mt). It would be very helpful as I am not sure what to select.


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Some ideas:

Select a clearly defined area whose size you already know to some precision - the “calibration points” - so you can deduce the units of measure?

Google Maps has a tool to determine area that may help How to Measure Area and Distance in Google Maps and Google Earth

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It’s seems to be sq. meters

erpnext/location.py at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Calculate the total area for a set of location features.
Reference from https://github.com/scisco/area.

	`features` (list of dict): Features marked on the map as GeoJSON data

	float: The approximate signed geodesic area (in sq. meters)
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Thank you Revant