UOM - Selling in box and loose

The business sells tiles. They sell in boxes and also loose. When I set a different UOM for loose tile (see attached).

I also then have to set pricing for the UOM. Is there a way that it automatically calculates the price according to the UOM conversion.

Hi @aqlakda,

Please check it.

When you change the UOM then it will calculate the rate according to the UOM Conversion Factor.

Thank you so much NCP.

Also subsequently, @NCP we are currently using Sage. There is a feature there called “Fraction”. We set the fraction to however pcs there are in a box and everything is factored in from there. (see attached).

In sales order etc. we can input quantities quickly like 2.1 (2 boxes, 1 tiles). Tracking inventory is also seamless.

Was wondering if something like this is easily doable with ERPNext?

There is a feature called “Packing Unit” in Item Price List. Was wondering if that could be leveraged somehow to achieve that. (see attached).

No idea.

@NCP Hi,

Is there a way we can leave the field as a fraction like 2/4 see attached:

Instead of it changing it to 0.5 (see attached).

No but if you want, you can add a custom field before the “Quantity” field and configure it accordingly. However, please note that you will need to manually enter the quantity or apply some logic to automate this process.