UOMs as Integer (Qty in PO)

Let’s say I set a products default to “Units”, when creating the PO I see the qty listed as “1.000” for one.
(I know I can change the global number-format to reduce from say 4 to 2 decimal places).

How can I enforce units to be a fixed integer, i.e. “1” “5” in a PO-row. Right now even though the UOM is set to "Must be Whole Number. / Check this to disallow fractions. (for Nos) " I can enter 1.2 and save that row.

thanks /d

@raveslave Its working fine at my end.

UOM : KG : Checked Must be Whole Number

PO : Set Qty as 1.4

Please provide some more details Relate to PO and UOM.

Tried again, Under UOM’s, I have NOs set to “Must be Whole Number”
Creating a PO using the erpnetx demo-system database. Some issues

  1. It should render the field as “1” not “1.000” (see screenshot)
  2. I can change it to 1.4 and save the row (noted though than when saving the whole PO it validates the fraction as incorrect. I think it would be nicer to do it per actual row and not even present it as a possible float.