Upcoming change: Merge Comment and Feed into Communication

Hi everyone,

This is a wip pull request for merging Comment and Feed into Communication: [enhancement] Merge Comment and Feed into Communication by anandpdoshi · Pull Request #1532 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

This will enable us to paginate the timeline (which currently slows down document loading), as well as link all Comments/Communications to DocTypes like Customer, Supplier, etc. giving you a birds eye view of all the happenings for a particular Customer / Supplier!

If you have made any customizations using “Comment”, “Feed” or “Communication”, please share it. We might be able to prevent any downtime.



@anand Will this merge also mean that all comments for one entity (lead-opportunity-customer) and notes that go on other pages, like their address, will be merged into a single stream? That would be great.

Right now I find it very confusing that I can make comments for a person or company and then later I can’t find them because there are so many different places where those comments might be.

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