[Upcoming] Chat Bot

Kickstarted a new chat-bot features at the MumbaiHackathon

its quite easy to add a new command [hack] bot.py by rmehta · Pull Request #1649 · frappe/frappe · GitHub


that looks somewhat similar to https://github.com/semilimes/livechat

Is that a concurring project or do I just don;t get the difference.

Very interesting feature! I really like the functionality you added to it.

Hello @vrms! It is completely separated.

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Gives only one response :frowning:

Hi Team,

Trust everyone’s doing great. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation on how to use the Chat Bot

Any place where we can get some info please?

Kind regards,

Any help here will be appreciated… even if it’s just a brief explanation on how it’s supposed to function


Wanted to highlight that as against building a BOT, the better approach would be for integration of ERPNext with the existing Market available BOTS (like FB, WhatsApp for business). This is a key functionality which will be useful for Enterprises, especially where a significant amount of customer interaction requires to be made, prior to determining the specific custom product which requires to be manufactured and for which quotations require to be sent to the Customer (Use case).

Refer to link and below text as an example of how ERPNext currently handle this scenario -

Dynamic BOM creation based on template
The user fill attributes values then create the item. If the item exist, ERPNext will only select it. If not, it will create the variant, then the BOM. If BOM use materials that is also a item variant that do not exist, it will create it and is BOM

If ERPNext can integrate to the existing Customer facing Facebook or a Whatapp (for small business) BOT API’s and have the customer provided info help feed items & services to the BOM & Quotations. This approach will (1) Enables companies to easily create a digital connection with its Customers via their BOT (2) Eliminate the need to create custom dynamic template/s and ensure the customer requirements are captured based on inputs received from the BOT (3) Given most bot messengers will support payments in the near future, even payments can be collected through this approach and reduce the need for recons etc.

Look forward to hearing others thoughts on this topic.