Update after submit renders empty fields

Hi together,
I am currently faced with the following problem:

Sometimes when a user changes sth. in a Quotation and saves it, the fields of that Quotation are rendered empty (even thought they are not when accessing them via cur_frm). Locals object for that Quotation is also empty

Does anyone have a similar issue?

I was able to trace it back to this part here, but I don’t understand why this would be needed.

Frappe version: 14.25.0
ERPNext version: 14.15.0

Detailed explanation for recreating this issue:

  • clear your cache
  • navigate to the Quotation
  • make the form dirty
  • click on save

Hi @gavindsouza I have found the cause of the above mentioned problem originating from these changes:

in fix(desk): maintain realtime & cached data consistency · frappe/frappe@2b7e455 · GitHub
I am currently trying to understand why the document in the locals has to be removed for the current user on list_update? Can you please tell me why the part above was implemented that way? Which problem did it solve?

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