Update BOM Cost Not Working

Hi all,

I believe I’ve found a bug when trying to update costs for a BOM. Part 4701-000120-001 was initially entered in ERP with the wrong valuation rate at $22.54. I did not catch the error until after using the part in a Purchase Order (PO), Purchase Receipt (PR), Stock Entry (SE), and BOM. I went back and canceled the PO, PR, and SE then amended them to show the correct valuation. You can see in the photo below the Stock Ledger reflects the correct rate of $11.16.

From my knowledge of ERP, the rates associated on a BOM are pulled for the item’s page or the last PR. When I try to update the cost on the BOM with part 4701-000120-001 the valuation rate does not update from $22.54 to $11.16. I tried duplicating the BOM, deleting the item, and adding it back, but it keeps the same $22 rate.

Am I doing something wrong? We are using ERPNEXT v10.1.31 and frappe framework v10.1.30.