Update Button from other doctype

I Have A button Called Update in Doctype ( X) , i want when i press on this Update Button to update Values From Doctype (Y and Z and x). how to make this update with coding.

Please Read this Document

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@omar_salama Please Love this :grinning:
I Hope this help you

your_button: function(){
 		frappe.db.set_value('Doctype Y', name_doc_y, {
			'name': 'Misbah'
 		frappe.db.set_value('Doctype X', name_doc_x, {
			'name': 'Misbah'

but this is giving an error "Document has been modified"

Just reload the page,and save again

no,it is giving this error everytime i save the page and valued doesnt save when i reload and save it again.

Run this Command

bench clear-cache
bench build
bench restart

I am uning this code snippet on custom client script of doctype (front end Js),will it work?

i forget to mention that the data i want to update it’s in child table.