Update child table records after parent is submitted


i have doctype which is submitable. There is “Table” type field with child Doctype in options setted. This field has setted also option "Allow On Submit

After I submit parent doctype, i am able add new rows to child table. But after save it, i cant edit created rows. I can remove it or create new ones, but i cant edit rows which was already created and saved.

Is this bug? Or correct behaviour?


ERPNext: v11.1.19 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.20 (master)

allow on submit button was not showing in child table field settings (i tried it only in dev version) and then i tried same thing in master, but forget check also this option

I tried this solution. But it did not work for updating the Project field for Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoices. Are there any ways to update it?