Update Current Value of Naming Series

I appreciate if anyone can let me know how to update the current_value in naming series of a particular document using custom script.

Hi Ruchin,
We should normally not be able to change that as it will affect the integrity of the accounting process. After SINV-00001 it should be SINV-00002 … no number should be skipped and it should start at the beginning.

Yes, I understand that but I need to do that for a new docutype I have generated where I will use system generated and user generated numbers. When user will enter a number in a text box while creating document system is renaming the document number (auto-generated) with the number user entered in the text box but the the only issue is system starts the next number where it stopped whereas I want that it should start after the last maximum number whether it is auto generated or renamed.

Hi I was wondering if there is a way of extending the max length value of the “Current Value Naming Series ?”

I created a new Value for Sales Invoice and the number has a requiered lengthe of 20

Ex. ABC-.####################

When I update it says that the series was update successfully but when I check back on it it returns a value of


a total of 10 numbers and it does not increment automatically afterwards !

Any tips ???

or wound i have to modify the DB and set a max length of 200 ? just to be safe