Update didn't seem to be working but the ERPNext is updated? Is it okay to use this instance now?

I was adding a new email domain in version 12.5.0 but it won’t let me save the new entry. After searching on the forum I concluded to update to a newer version to benefit from released patches. While Updating from ERPNext v12.05 to v12.20.0 I followed these steps.

  • sudo bench update (Fetched v12.20.0 – Had to force exit the process)
  • sudo bench build (Building after force exit didn’t work).
  • Was throwing errors, the bench was not updating, while trying to restart bench with root user it kept throwing errors. Had to reinstall the site using the following command.
  • bench –-site site1.local reinstall
  • bench clear-cache (Cleared Cache)
  • Site update warning on the home screen was stuck and didn’t let me access the desk. Had to manually edit common_site_config.json under /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites/site1.local. Changed the maintenance mode: 1 to maintenance mode:0.

Now ERPNext is updated to v12.20.0 and working fine. I can create and save a new email domain but is it really updated or my have something wrong because I didn’t follow the proper update rules? What might be I missing? And What steps should I care about how to avoid any future problems?