Update ERPnext on droplet (digital ocean cloud)

How to update erpnext on droplet (digital ocean cloud)? Will it affect current erpnext data/setting?

Most case update should be smooth, although you have option in Digital Ocean to take a snapshot (backup) of droplet (Turn off droplet and take snapshot) so if anything goes wrong you are safe.

To take a backup login with console to your droplet, go to

cd frappe-bench

directory and run

bench update

If you are not sure about anything above, I advise reach to service provider.

I would advise waiting to do a bench update as I recently am having issues with MariaDB upgrading to 10.1 after a recent bench update. I am also on a self-hosted Digital Ocean droplet.

And yes, ALWAYS, take a snapshot of your droplet before making any updates. It’s also advised to run a nightly backup of your database to an offsite location. There is a dropbox integration through ERPNext which works well and give us piece of mind.