Update ERPNext to New Updated Version

Dear Team,

Right now we are using ERPNext v8.4.3

ERPNext: v8.4.3 (master)

Frappe Framework: v8.4.1 (master)

In that we have already created a Two New Doctypes for our requirement.

  1. Delivery Challan
    2.Third Party Material Inward.

In that Doctype Many Entries are made.
now we want to update ERPNext to the newer Version, What should i have to do ???
Can anyone please help me ?

Hi @dineshpanchal432,

You need to move your custom developments into a custom applications before you can upgrade ERPNext.

Unless you doctypes are custom doctypes (made through the UI) and in this case you are fine.

Once you have separated everything, just do ‘bench update’ to update Frappe and ERPNext to the newest version.

We haven’t made any changes in Scripting, Just created two Doctypes with changes in UI,
not even wrote Single Line of Code.

In this case what should we do ?

You need to open your terminal, go into your frappe-bench folder and execute ‘bench update’.

If you haven’t made any changes on the server, it should work smoothly.

You need to do it more often since ERPNext is updated regularly and it is a best practice to keep it up-to-date with these changes.

This is also migrate new DocType which we have made ???

If you have made them as Custom Doc Types then using Custom forms you should be fine.

otherwise it won’t

We have Created DocTypes Like this, Is this Customization of Doctype will migrate to the Newer Version of ERPNext ??