Update ERPNext V10 to V12


I have ERPNext running on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS server. The version of ERPNext is 10.1.40. The version of Frappe is 10.1.37. My ERPNext service is operational and maintains a large amount of data in process, so i can’t lose anything and i need to do this procedure directly on it. To carry out previous tests I use a VM copy in VirtualBox.

I would like to update my ERPNext service from version 10 to version 12, but first updating the OS an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Can someone guide me on how to perform this procedure? Tips, help, links, all
information is useful.

Thanks you very much.

Establish a sandbox environment and upgrade major versions stage by stage. After you reach the latest version on the application create another instance and upgrade the OS

Dear Tufan_Kaynak2

I understand, but something more detailed can be? It is the second time that I use ERPNext the truth.

Surely you’ll need to spend more time on this. There is no silver bullet for that to be honest.