Update errors on vm

Hello Dear ERPNext team. What can be done to possibly make the update process safer? I could say; 3 out of 5 times you attempt to update the vm or even an ubuntu production server; you will end up with serious problems and inability to access the system; for this reason i am always afraid to even run updates. Can we possibly have a safer update method with rollback functionality so thag if an update fails the system just rolls back to previous file versions. I think erp is serious software; running entire businesses end to end; downtime or loss of access should be at the most minimum, what will be required to develop a more reliable update and upgrade pattern with capability for rollback.

Do you use the vm? Most hypervisors have a feature of snapshotting the vm, that should be the easiest way to avoid downtime.

The update script takes a backup, so if things go south, you can restore it, Restoring From ERPNext Backup · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub (auto restore is a cool feature request though).

Lastly, if you’re on develop,

python -c "import bench.utils;from bench.app import get_current_branch; print get_current_branch('frappe')"

(should print develop)
you should switch to master

bench switch-to-master

Best time to do this is when develop and master at the same position (weekend or maybe just after a release; don’t forget to backup before you do this).

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