Update live production server from local

I have installed ERPNext v13.16.1 (version-13) on local server. I want to work in my local server ERPNext and then update on Liver Production server. How can I do that?

A simple backup-restore solution should work.

  1. Take a backup snapshot of your local server including the files.

    bench --site {site} backup --with-files

  2. Restore the backup on your production server (preferably have a staging env in place).

    bench --site {site} restore {path/to/database/file} --with-public-files {path/to/public/archive} --with-private-files {path/to/private/archive}

Backup and restore commands works amazingly well in well in Frappe.
You can read more about it here;

Although the above method is not optimal, it will save you time from setting up a dedicated CI/CD piplelie from local dev env to live prod env.

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@shashank_shirke what if I have made changes to frappe and erpnext? Just backing up and restoring a site is enough to cover those new changes in source files?