Update next number

How can I set next number of a doctype with auto name set to [series] and not with a naming series field?

Hi Jeff.—use the Naming Series Tool on ERPNEXT for this purpose.



check: naming series current value - Google Search

That does not work for me. It only shows those doctypes with naming_series field.

Try this


Hi, I got access to the DB but could not locate the entry. Could you please explain which table is it?


Please check tabSeries table.

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Thanks Sagar…

Following is a simple guide for people who may have the same need “to change numbers” but not as technically proficient.

  1. Prepare the mysql dump. If you are using Dropbox backup service then just login to the dropbox account and download the latest sql.gz file.
  2. Uncompress the file if it is compressed. For Windows PC, you can use 7zip.
  3. Open the file in the SQL software. On Windows PC, I used the software “Database Browser” (https://www.etl-tools.com/database-browser/overview.html).
  4. Use the search function and search “tabSeries” using the search function. You will be able to locate the entries. Then just locate the record you are interested in (In my case I wanted to change the salary slip number for one of our employee and went with the salary slip number).
  5. Change the value and save the file.
  6. Upload the file to the server using WinSCP (for PC) and on the server run the restore procedure- Restoring From ERPNext Backup · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

Hope this help others as well.

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