Update notification popup

  • The update notification should not appear to all users on the erpnext
    when it appears to auditor, accountant… they think the current version is not OK to be used :smiley:
    a short term solution it should popup to system-manager role or system admins.
    a long term solution,
    it would be to assign roles/users which will receive such notification, and it should send them an email too.

  • the v12 notification shows the new version of v13 … however there is a new version in v12 branch.
    It is nice to tell users who use v12 that there is v13… but also it is better to tell about the current version too.
    so v12 should receive v12 and v13 notifications. (but at least should be aware of V12 updates)

From desk.js:

	show_update_available: () => {
		if (frappe.user.has_role("Administrator")) {
				"method": "frappe.utils.change_log.show_update_popup"

so it should only popup to Administrator.


Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile: … so it must be hard coded on the desk.js directly ?

However it is better to be added by default to the erpnext and be able to assign this role from the sys config or elsewhere.

Also I believe there should be a 2 channels for such updates meaning i have v12 … i should be notified for v12 …

The same for… if v14 is out and we still have v13 , i should be notified for v13 … and so on.