Update packaging materials stock without showing item in sales order


When you need to ship an order, you always have packaging materials. In our case, depending on the product, the packaging material varies.

I’d like to keep stock of the available packaging material, without needing to show it on my sales order, sales invoice or delivery note (i.e. the customer does not need these details, it just makes things confusing). Is there any way to do this?
(I could simply update the stock by hand each time, but I would like to automate this step)

Thanks for your help!

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You could use a Bill Of Materials for the product.

I thought about that, but the problem is that part of the packaging is product dependent, while the final packaging (i.e. the sending box) depends on the complete order

Did you get a solution for this? We have similar problem- the packaging we use depends on the total sales order but the customer needs to see that the delivery note and invoice match their purchase order. For example if they order 1 unit they get 1 unit in a box, and we invoice “1 Unit”. If they order 2 units they get two units in a single larger box and we invoice “2 Units”. The box is expensive and needs to be stock controlled and accounted for. Having multiple BOMs doesn’t work because then the item we deliver is not the item that the customer ordered. (They order “2 Units”, we ship “A set of 2 Units”


Any updates? I am getting the same issue